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31st Annual DBE Workshop and Secretary’s Golden Shovel Awards

Davis & Kuelthau labor & employment attorney, Laurie Meyer and corporate and labor & employment attorney, Benjamin Sauer, have been invited to speak at the 31st Annual DBE Workshop and Secretary’s Golden Shovel Awards. Their discussion, Legal Audits for Business and Employment Issues will help businesses understand the need for a legal audit, what a legal audit is and how to perform one. Businesses must comply with a significant number of laws and regulations that impact daily operations, and a legal audit enables businesses to prioritize and anticipate important issues and minimize costly surprises or problems.

This two-day conference is hosted by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the National Association of Minority Contractors and is held in collaboration with Wisconsin DBE Unified Certification Program Partners: City of Madison, Dane County and Milwaukee County.

For more details please visit Golden Shovel Wisconsin’s Website.