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Attorney Kevin Lyons Runs for State Bar President-Elect

Litigation and Mediation attorney, Kevin Lyons accepted the State Bar of Wisconsin’s nomination to run for 2015 president-elect.

Better Together is the essence of the multiple purposes our Supreme Court established for the State Bar. If elected, I will work to make us all better together through professional and business education and member services. I will work with Section and Board of Governors elected leaders and the State Bar staff to engage our diverse membership in defining and addressing professional and economic challenges we all face. When we become better lawyers, we better serve our clients, be they individuals, businesses, or governments.”


  • Engage Wisconsin lawyers — in whatever setting they practice — in defining professional and economic problems we face and in proposing solutions to form a plan for implementation beginning in my term as President.
  • Ensure that State Bar volunteers and staff reflect the diverse culture in which we work.
  • Increase percent of budget provided by revenue from State Bar business activities, and keep budget in the black.
  • Maintain and improve member services.

Practice & Leadership

State Bar Leadership Roles

  • Treasurer, State Bar of Wisconsin (2013-2015)
  • Member, Board of Governors
  • Chair, Board of Governors Finance Committee
  • Member, Board of Governors Policy Committee
  • Member, Board of Governors Strategic Planning Committee
  • Member and Past Chair, Construction and Public Contract Law Section
  • Member and Past Chair, Dispute Resolution Section
  • Past Chair, Section Leaders Council

Davis & Kuelthau, s.c. 2001 – Present
Handles cases in federal and state courts and before federal, state, and local administrative agencies including U.S. EPA, WDNR, OSHA, and local councils, boards, and commissions. Arbitrates, mediates, and advocates in construction, environmental, and commercial disputes.


  • J.D., University of Wisconsin Law School
  • B.A., University of Notre Dame

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Click here for information on Kevin’s complimentary Meet & Greet reception that took place on Tuesday, April 7, 2015.

The State Bar elections will be held in April. For more information on this election and to view other nominees, please visit the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Website.

Campaign Supporters


Steve Allen Martin Gagne Bill Mulligan
Dillon Ambrose Don Gallo Earl Munson, Jr.
Hugh Anderson Mary Gerbig Randall Nash
Brian Anderson Janine Geske John A. Nelson
Ken Artis Anthony Gray Kelly Nickel
Amanda Ashley Aaron Hall Terry Nilles
Donald Leo Bach Thomas Halloran Kathy Nusslock
Pamela Barker Ed Hannan Ralph Oesterle
Angela Bartell Chuck Hanson Mark Olson
Kris Bartos David Hanson Carmen Ortiz-Babilonia
Thomas Basting Bill Harbeck John Orton
Michelle Behnke Arthur Harrington Alexander Pendleton
Andrew Beilfuss Claire Hartley James Petersen
Howard Bichler David Hase Thomas Phillips
John Birdsall Joe Heino Nelson Phillips
Linda Bochert Chuck Henderson Gregory Pitts
Mary K. Braza Margaret Hickey Peggy Podell
Jim Braza Miriam Horwitz Howard Pollack
Christy Brooks William E. Hughes III Sarah Ponath
Robert E. Brown Bill Jennaro Janet Protasiewicz
Peter Bruce Charles Kahn James Reiher
Jackson Bruce James Kalny Ann Rieger
Douglas Buck James Kaminski Daniel Rinzel
Clifford Buelow Dan Kaminsky Bret Roge
Kathryn Bullon Jill Kastner Christopher Rogers
Robert Burns Anne Kearney Thomas Rohan
Thomas Cabush Paul Kent F. William Russo
Roderick Cameron Kenan Kersten Sue Schellinger
William Cannon Jessica King Thomas Schmitzer
Joseph M. Cardamone III Kevin Klein Thomas Schober
Mike Carlton Steve Knowles Stuart Schroeder
Marilyn Carroll Deanne Koll Tom Schwaba
Rodney Carter Robert Kuelthau Mark Seidl
James J. Casey, Jr. Kelly Kuglitsch Greg Sell
Andrew Chevrez Debra Kuper Carl Sinderbrand
Luke Chiarelli Catherine La Fleur Kevin Sjostrom
Smitha Chintamaneni Geoffrey Lacy John Skilton
Kathleen Chung Grant Langley Steven Slawinski
Timothy Cisler Lynn Laufenberg Robert Smith
Linda Clifford Lisa Lawless Ronald Sonderhouse
Dennis Coffey Jeffrey Leavell Steve Sorenson
Michael Cohen Steve Levine H. Charles Stahmer
James Cole Joshua Levy Bill Staudenmaier
Sherry Coley Richard Lewandowski Anthony Steffek
Gwendolyn Connelly Bruce Lindl David Stegeman
Byron Conway Tom Lonzo George Steil
William T. Curran Susan Lovern Timothy Steinle
Raymond Dall’Osto David Lowe Ben Stern
Robin Dalton Brett Ludwig Tom Streifender
John Danner Charlie Maris Patricia Struck
Thomas Dawson Kelly Mattingly Paul Swanson
Hector de la Mora Jeffrey Mawicke Buck Sweeney
Linda de la Mora William McCardell Kavin Tedamrongwanish
Bruce Deadman Mike McCauley James S. Thiel
Stuart Deardorff Matt McClean Kelly Thompson
Jacqueline Dee Christine McLaughlin Joe Tierney
Diane Diel Eric Meier Adrian Ulatowski
Alec Dobson Heidi Melzer Laura Skilton Verhoff
Tom Drought Laurie Meyer Daniel Vliet
Hannah Dugan Liz Miles John Walsh
Patrick Dunphy Kathy Miller Ted Waskowski
Stephanie Dykeman Daniel Moeser Michael Waterman
Brandon Evans Erica Moeser Jeffrey Wisnicky
Bill Fale Theodore Perlick Molinari Lisa Kleiner Wood
Scott Fiducci Tom Moniz William Woodward
Cyndi Fletcher Victoria Moran Vue Yang
Bill Frazier Gerald Mowris Dick Yde
Nicholas Zales