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Breakfast Briefing: 10 Employer Mistakes to Avoid

Where did we go wrong and how best can we reduce our liability moving forward? Davis & Kuelthau’s Green Bay Labor & Employment Team and fellow employers held an in-depth discussion addressing the some all-too-common pitfalls that most often lead to liability in the employment setting. The scenarios addressed included:

  • Misclassifying “administrative assistants” or “supervisors” as exempt
  • Handbook provisions that can raise the ire of federal agencies
  • Non-enforceable separation agreements
  • Employment applications that violate law
  • Unemployment challenges gone awry and other risky missteps.

The program concluded with a brief Q & A session that gave attendees an opportunity to share their own hurdles and resolutions.

This complimentary seminar was held at the Comfort Suites- Rock Garden Conference in Green Bay, WI on Tuesday, February 25, 2014.