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Breakfast Briefing: The Changing Tide of FMLA Compliance

Application of both the federal Family and Medical Leave Act and the Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act can be a complex and, sometimes, frustrating process for employers. After several years of applying the federal FMLA’s revised regulations, the Department of Labor released proposed regulations in June of 2014 to implement the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which will again impact FMLA application. Proper application of FMLA leave entitlements is a regular part of any covered employers operations. Therefore, it is vital to remain vigilant in understanding what the employer’s expectations are in order to maintain compliance.

Attorneys from Davis & Kuelthau’s Labor & Employment Team took a close look at the impact of cases applying the FMLA over the past several years and the more complex scenarios that employers encounter in the context of the FMLA. Specifically, they discussed:

  • Updates on the application of the revised federal regulations
  • The impact of the Supreme Court’s DOMA decision and other court cases affecting FMLA implementation
  • Interplay between Wisconsin and federal FMLA
  • Application of the FMLA and WFMLA in complex situations using practical and real world examples

Registration deadline is Friday, November 14. If you have questions regarding registration or would like to submit topic-specific questions to be addressed during the program, please contact Stephanie Dantinne via email or at 920.431.2233.