Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act (EPSLA)

Claiming Tax Credits For Paid Leave Under The Emergency Family And Medical Leave Act And The Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act

By: Mark G. Kmiecik and James M. Kalny The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (“Act”) provides two new refundable payroll tax credits (“tax credits”) for employers providing paid emergency sick leave or paid FMLA, including tax relief for self-employed individuals. As written, however, the Act is not practical as to these tax credits, since an employer would not be reimbursed until some...

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Employer Guidance: Preparing for a Positive COVID-19 Test Among Employees

By: Abby S. Busler As the pandemic escalates, businesses are adapting and reacting to the changing times.  It is likely that employers will have employees test positive with COVID-19 within the next few weeks and months.  The positive tests will create employee absenteeism, changes in patterns of commerce and potential interruptions of supply/delivery.  Many of you are wondering, what must you...

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