CDC’s Detailed Guidance to Reopen Businesses

By: Abby S. Busler The Center for Disease Control (“CDC”) has issued 60 pages of detailed guidance to reopen businesses, health care facilities and providers, schools, transit, and other industries. This guidance also provides information regarding testing and data to assist with exposure and risk concerns for those industries. The following is an overview of…

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CMS Recommends States Use “Extreme Caution” in Relaxing Nursing Home Restrictions

By: Alec Dobson The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services issued recommendations on May 18 to state and local officials across the country for when nursing homes can relax certain restrictions on visitation, screening, and services related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The recommendations envision moving in three phases. Nursing homes would “reopen” more slowly than…

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Local Safer at Home Orders — Can They do That? — Legally?

By: James M. Kalny On May 13, 2020 the Wisconsin Supreme Court in a split decision, struck down the Executive Order 28 Safer at Home (SAH).  The same day the decision was announced counties and some municipalities started enacting their own health orders.  In several cases the orders simply stated that the SAH and a…

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