Davis|Kuelthau’s Breakfast Briefing Series

May 7, 2019

D|K proudly hosts complimentary Breakfast Briefing programs for clients and contacts across the Green Bay, and the Greater Fox Valley region.

These programs are designed to assist employers in minimizing the risk of employment liability on the state and federal level. Each program in the series combines an overview of the law with practical business advice covering a current topic in the labor and employment field. Our experienced attorneys discuss recent case developments and emerging legal issues and provide suggestions to employers on methods for limiting liability and conforming their conduct to state and federal statutes and regulations. These programs are held between September through May.

If you have any questions concerning the information covered in these programs, please contact, James M. Kalny, Chair of the Labor & Employment Team at 920.431.2223.


  • Navigating Mental Health in the Workplace – Avoiding Legal and Practical Pitfalls, May 7, 2019, Green Bay
    Mental health in the workplace, and how to address it from business and legal perspectives, is an issue employers are faced with on a daily basis.  Please join the Davis|Kuelthau employment law team, along with Steve Baue of ERC Counselors & Consultants, for a discussion of mental health issues and how to navigate them successfully, in light of the needs of your business and its employees.Click here to register. 
  • August 13, 2019 | Topic to be confirmed.
  • November 12, 2019 | Topic to be confirmed.

Green Bay Breakfast Briefings take place at the Comfort Suites-Rock Garden Conference Center located at 1951 Bond Street Green Bay, WI 54303. If you have questions regarding registration or would like to submit topic-specific questions to be addressed during the program, please contact Katrina Lancelle at 920.431.2240 or via email.


  • Before the Job Offer: Pre-Hire Pitfalls, February 26, 2019, Green Bay
    Join Davis|Kuelthau’s Labor and Employment team, along with representatives from the immigration law firm of Grzeca Law Group, S.C.Jerry Grzeca and Carrie Ziegler Thomas, for an interactive discussion of multiple issues which arise before the employment relationship even begins. Topics will include:

    • Background check and Fair Credit Reporting Act issues
    • Arrest/conviction record discrimination claims and “Ban the Box” policies
    • Social media discoveries
    • Drug testing
    • Pre-hire immigration considerations
    • I-9 and E-Verify best practices

    Applicable legal parameters as well as real-life examples of employer experiences will be included in the discussion.

  • Do You Discriminate If You Don’t Accommodate?, November 13, 2018, Green Bay
    Join Davis|Kuelthau’s Labor and Employment team for an interactive workshop addressing common employment law challenges impacting today’s employers. The scenarios will be presented by attorneys Robert W. Burns, Anthony J. Steffek and Abby S. Busler and will address allegations of age and disability discrimination, as well as religious accommodation in the workplace.

    Attendees will have the opportunity to weigh both employee and management arguments as the facts are revealed. The impact of sound management policies and practices when responding to such issues will be examined, as well as common pitfalls to be avoided.

  • Cybersecurity Issues in International Business: Exporting Pitfalls, Economic Espionage, and Cyber Issues in Intellectual Property, September 18, 2018, Green Bay
    Davis|Kuelthau teamed up with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to discuss legal issues that arise with increased frequency in the international economy.

    FBI Special Agent Dean Chappell explained the cultural and practical realities of economic espionage, such as theft of trade secrets, email compromise and wire transfer interference by agents of foreign governments. He also shared some practical advice on how to protect your company from these thefts and intrusions.

    Davis|Kuelthau Intellectual Property Attorney Joseph Heino explored the role of intellectual property laws such as trademarks, patents and copyright laws in the international arena, including discussion of the scope and applicability of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

  • HR Minefield: Pay and Prayer, May 8, 2018, Green Bay
    Join Davis|Kuelthau’s Labor & Employment Team on May 8th for a complimentary discussion addressing two areas of workforce regulation impacting employers: pay and prayer. Abby Busler and Anthony Steffek will provide an update on the new FLSA “PAID” program to resolve potential overtime and minimum wage violations. In addition, Robert Burns and Anthony Steffek will review emerging issues with regard to employers’ obligations to provide workplace accommodations for employees’ religious beliefs.The program will conclude with a brief Q&A session as well as an opportunity for attendees to share their own hurdles and resolutions. If there is a particular issue that you would like us to review during the program, please submit your suggestions to Katrina Lancelle via e-mail. Confidentially will be maintained for all submissions.
  • Your Workforce: Trump Administration Employment Law – Year Two, March 6, 2018, Green Bay
    Attracting and retaining a strong workforce in the modern era poses significant challenges for many employers. Yet, ensuring compliance with the regularly changing laws is no less challenging. Join Davis|Kuelthau’s Employment Law Team for perspective on the activity that has impacted employers throughout the United States in the first year of the Trump administration.Several executive orders or guidance in areas of interest to employers have been withdrawn or modified. Meanwhile, Trump intends to continue his pursuit to bring more jobs back to the United States. What other related developments are anticipated for Trump’s second year of administration? How best can employers navigate the significant policy shifts in rules? What fundamental steps must employers consider to be competitive in their effort to maintain and expand their workforce? These and many other looming questions will be covered to help employers avoid missteps and achieve their employment goals in 2018 and beyond.
  • Anatomy of an ERD Hearing, November 7, 2017, Green Bay
    The Davis|Kuelthau, s.c., Labor & Employment Team, as well as retired Equal Rights Division Administrative Law Judge, Gary Olstad, held a mock ERD discrimination hearing. Issues involved mental health disability and accommodation requests. The presentation also highlighted best practices when dealing with such concerns to better prepare employers for defense and hearing. Witnesses were presented, arguments were made, and retired ALJ Olstad “presided” at the “hearing”.
  • Developments in Employment Regulations Under President Trump, September 12, 2017, Green Bay
    While the Affordable Care Act took up much of the media attention during the campaign, on the first day he was in office, President Trump’s Chief of Staff issued a memorandum to the heads of all federal executive departments that effectively put a hold on any pending regulations or enforcement actions that had been instituted by the Obama administration until the new appointees could “more completely consider the legal issues involved”. Since that time, the Trump administration has started the promised rollback of some of the Obama initiatives with regard to employment law, reinstituting some pre-Obama practices and procedures and, in some instances, taking action to create new rules and procedures affecting the Fair Labor Standards Act, National Labor Relations Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act and other federal regulatory laws.
    Davis|Kuelthau Labor & Employment Attorneys, Bruce B. Deadman, James M. Kalny and Katharine G. Shaw will address:

    • What regulations and procedures have changed so far
    • What the Trump administration has promised to change (including an update on the Affordable Care Act)
    • What other changes are likely to be in the future
  • Top 10 Risks in the HR Minefield, May 2, 2017, Green Bay
    Join Davis|Kuelthau Labor & Employment attorneys Robert W. Burns, James M. Kalny and Anthony J. Steffek for an in-depth discussion addressing the common pitfalls that often lead to liability in the employment setting. The discussion topics will include:

    • Treacherous handbook provisions
    • Background checks and Fair Credit Reporting Act liability
    • Fair Labor Standards Act class actions
    • When does the attorney/client privilege apply and how can it be lost?

    The program will conclude with a brief Q&A session as well as an opportunity for attendees to share their own hurdles and resolutions. If there is a particular issue that you would like us to review during the program, please submit your suggestions to Stephanie Dantinne via e-mail. Confidentially will be maintained for all submissions.

  • Drugs Are Invading the Workplace, the Problem Is Real, March 14, 2017, Green Bay
    The unfortunate truth is the use of illicit drugs continues to be a persistent, growing problem in Wisconsin communities. What do I, as owner, CEO or HR leader, do to protect my company?This widespread epidemic is in your workplace – no business type or profession is immune. Many employers think their policy is enough to protect their business – think again. Employers need to address this problem head-on, especially given the new federal regulations and state actions legalizing marijuana which has complicated the issue and rendered some of the old accepted policies and procedures obsolete. This program will address:
  • the scope of the drug problem, the many ways it can impact your organization; and identifying some of the signs associated with drug use;
  • the impact of new laws and recommended policies and procedures in their wake; and
  • the strategies employers can legally implement to effectively manage the risks associated with drug abuse in today’s environment.
  • Speakers will include, D&K Labor and Employment Attorneys, James Kalny and Anthony Steffek, Steven F. Baue, President and Owner of ERC, Inc. and Jim Pecard, Director of EAP Services, of ERC, Inc.
  • Legal Update: Information Employers Need to Know Heading into 2017, November 1, 2016, Green Bay
    Join Davis|Kuelthau’s labor & employment attorneys James M. Kalny, and Hugo P. Rojas for an interactive discussion of topics that regulatory agencies are emphasizing as we move into 2017. As regulatory agencies seem intent on expanding the scope of authority, employers are well advised to familiarize themselves with, and keep an eye on, the pet projects of the regulatory agencies which will likely cause unwary employers, unwanted problems.Legal perspectives for CEOs, business owners and human resource professionals will include:
  • EEOC has adopted a Strategic Enforcement Plan that includes coverage of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals under Title VII’s sex discrimination provisions, as a top enforcement priority.
  • NLRB continues to target employee social media policies to creatively argue how those policies inhibit protected concerted activities.
  • Retailers in the U.S. have been sued alleging retailer websites violate the Americans with Disabilities Act discriminating against site impaired Internet users potentially affecting all businesses that use the Internet to either solicit business or communicate with employees.
  • Relatively simple modifications to the EEOC Form 1 could result in employer liability.
  • Maintaining Your Competitive Edge: How to Recruit, Retain and Reward the Best and Brightest Talent, September 20, 2016, Green Bay

    Davis|Kuelthau’s labor & employment and corporate attorneys Bruce Deadman, Tony Steffek, and Tim Feldhausen held an interactive discussion addressing one of the biggest challenges facing businesses throughout the New North — talent acquisition and retention. Attendees heard first-hand from fellow area employers on how they are drawing talent into the region as well as techniques they are implementing to ensure that they remain the chosen employer for their top performers.Legal and other strategic perspectives included:

    • “courtship” and “executive prenup” considerations;
    • current and long-term compensation issues;
    • succession planning; and
    • restrictive covenants and non-compete agreements.
  • Risky Business: Managing Risk Near and Far, May 17, 2016, Green Bay
    Advisors from Johnson Financial Group and Davis|Kuelthau along with area CFOs, CEOs, COOs, controllers and HR professionals addressed the latest factors creating unnecessary risks in your business throughout 2016 and beyond.This program featured perspectives from legal and risk management & insurance brokerage professionals concerning a host of business risks prevalent in places as diverse as the local workplace and the global marketplace. Key topics included:
  • New workforce regulations: key impacts on employers
  • Personal liability in the corporate world: owners & officers beware
  • Navigating risky contract provisions


  • Andrew Schumacher, Vice President, Johnson Financial Group
  • Thomas Rohan, Attorney, Corporate, D&K
  • Sherry Coley, Attorney, Litigation, D&K
  • Bruce Deadman, Attorney, Labor & Employment, D&K
  • James Kalny, Attorney, Labor & Employment, D&K
  • 2016 Labor & Employment Outlook – Recent Impacts and Emerging Changes, Including ACA Updates, April 28, 2016, Oshkosh
    2015 brought about many changes for employers in the labor and employment legal context, and more are on the horizon for 2016. Join the Davis|Kuelthau Labor & Employment team for an interactive discussion regarding important developments, changes anticipated in 2016 and how your business is, or will be, affected. An update on key legislative developments at the federal and state level will be provided, as well as helpful best practices for employers to consider.Additionally, we addressed the latest updates on the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) employer information reporting requirements, the Marketplace appeals process, and identifying full time employees under ACA.
  • 2016 Labor & Employment Outlook – Recent Impacts and Emerging Changes, March 1, 2016, Green Bay
    2015 brought about many changes for employers in the labor and employment legal context, and more are on the horizon for 2016. The Davis|Kuelthau Labor & Employment team held an interactive discussion regarding important developments, changes anticipated in 2016 and how your business is, or will be, affected. An update on key legislative developments at the federal and state level was provided, as well as helpful best practices for employers to consider.
  • Wage & Hour Issues and Updates – Are Your Employees Really Exempt?, February 18, 2016, Oshkosh
    While you may have certain personnel performing services for you as independent contractors or employees of someone else, various laws may say differently. Further, you may have salaried employee you believe are exempt from minimum wage and hour laws. Unfortunately, if you are wrong, significant financial costs may apply. To complicate the matter, the federal Department of Labor is working proposing new rules that significantly change the traditional wage and hour exemptions. Prevention and careful review of these rules now can save your company from unwanted costs later.This seminar addressed the following:

    • Differences in employee classifications and what it means to your company.
    • Steps you can take to make sure those performing work are classified in the manner in which you want, and avoid unanticipated liability.
    • Examine the new aspects of exempt status versus non-exempt status and the changing tests that will apply. Prevention and careful review of these classifications now can save your company from unwanted costs later.
  • Leave of Absence and Reasonable Accommodation Issues Under FMLA, Workers Compensation and the ADA, January 21, 2016, Oshkosh
    Application of both the federal Family and Medical Leave Act and the Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act can be a complex and, sometimes, frustrating process for employers.After several years of applying the federal FMLA’s revised regulations, the Department of Labor released proposed regulations in June of 2014 to implement the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which will again impact FMLA application.Proper application of FMLA leave entitlements is a regular part of any covered employers operations. Therefore, it is vital to remain vigilant in understanding what the employer’s expectations are in order to maintain compliance.
  • Legislative Updates – A Review of What has Passed, What Is Pending, and Planning Tips for 2016, December 17, 2015, Oshkosh
    Join attorneys from our Labor and Employment Team, State Senator, Rick Gudex, Representative, Al Ott, and other area state and federal elected officials to review significant court and agency decisions affecting today’s employers. In addition, an update on key legislative developments at the federal and state level will be provided as well as helpful best practices for employers to consider implementing.This seminar will also include an interactive general employment law Q&A session.
  • Effective Discipline, Employee Improvement and Employee Separation Workshop, November 19, 2015, Oshkosh
    Is discipline necessary at your facility? Not sure how to deal with the marginal employee? Are certain employees bringing down the rest of your staff keeping you from achieving your maximum potential? While you hope you never have to face these situations, sometimes you simply cannot avoid it.This seminar is geared toward assisting employers in correcting performance, properly using corrective discipline, and if necessary, terminating an unproductive employee. In addition, talking about the rights of the employee and employer during the discipline and discharge process and how discharges can be managed to avoid costly lawsuits. While you may not have this particular problem today, you will be ready in case you need these tools in the future.
  • Now Is the Time: Conducting an HR Audit and Handbook Review, November 10, 2015, Green Bay
    There’s no time like the present to make sure that your current HR practices and handbook provisions are compliant with new laws and regulations. Due to the flurry of recent employment law changes on both the federal and state level, employers need to stay on stop of these issues to minimize liability. D&K Labor and Employment Team members Bruce Deadman, James Kalny, and Tony Steffek, offered a lay of the land on what to look for while evaluating your current and historical HR practices and employee handbook provisions and how to navigate any changes. Accurate and effective handbook provisions and HR practices are only becoming more important with ever-changing employment laws and regulations.
  • Policy Handbook Updates and Conducting an Effective Employment Audit, October 14, 2015, Oshkosh
    Conducting an internal audit of your employee handbook can assure that you are up-to-date on all aspects of personnel within your company. D&K Labor & Employment Attorneys held an insightful workshop walking attendees through the steps of how to successfully complete an audit of your employee handbook, making sure it contains everything it should and does not contain anything that could create liability.
  • Breakfast Briefing – HR Workshop Series: Lessons Learned for the Year Ahead – Part 2, March 19, 2015, Oshkosh
    This Breakfast Briefing continued our series featuring human resource vignettes. Presented by members of our Labor and Employment Team, each segment addressed real life situations that arise with employees in the workplace and provide implementable takeaways. The employment law issues addressed included:

    • FLSA
    • Discrimination Issues
    • Recent case and statutory laws, and other regulatory developments from the past year
  • HR Workshop Series: Lessons Learned for the Year Ahead, January 22, 2015, Oshkosh
    Lights, camera, action! While it may not be Hollywood, Davis|Kuelthau’s Breakfast Briefing will feature human resource vignettes. Presented by members of our Labor and Employment Team, each segment addressed real life situations that arise with employees in the workplace and provide implementable takeaways.