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Goldman Sachs Home Improvement Industry Conference | Private Equity Trends in Home Improvement 

June 6, 2022

Attorney Rob Macklin participated in a panel discussion titled Private Equity Trends in Home Improvement on June 6th at the Goldman Sachs Home Improvement Industry Conference in Dallas along with:

  • Terry Hagerty, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Cross Markets Industrial Group
  • David Kamo, Head of Cross Markets and Financial Sponsor Mergers & Acquisitions at Goldman Sachs
  • Stacy Eastland, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Investment Management
  • Margot Carter, Founder & President at Living Mountain Capital 

Discussion overview:

Even with today’s macro environment (inflation, high interest rates, supply chain issues) there are still a lot of sales opportunities. So if you’re thinking about selling your business, panelists offered up some tips to prep for the sale and other considerations.

  • Start early. Engage your accountant, banker and lawyers years ahead of your expected sale.
  • Get a solid private equity advisor. Your advisor can give you a sense of average multiples, how other comparable companies are traded, and how your company stacks up.
  • This is likely the biggest liquidity event of your professional life. Do your due diligence to understand your company’s worth, get a solid idea of the private equity firm and what their future plans are for your company, and don’t sign a LOI until you’re sure the firm is the right fit.

A copy of Rob Macklin’s handout titled “Five Common Mistakes Business Owners Make When Selling to Private Equity” can be here.

Additional conference sessions included:

  • Economic Outlook & What It Means for Home Improvement
  • Industry Trends from a Manufacturer’s Point of View
  • Using Financing to Increase Sales
  • Omnichannel in Home Improvement

For more information, click here.