Next Generation Manufacturing Summit 2017

Davis & Kuelthau is a proud sponsor of BizTimes Media’s Next Generation Manufacturing Summit taking place on Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

This forum will provide an interactive panel discussion with CEOs from southeastern Wisconsin companies who will share their best operation strategies and provide insightful solutions on how they compete in a global marketplace, and strive to be world-class manufacturers in the 21st century. Attendees will learn from industry leaders who are creating processes that not only attract talent but drive innovation in their business.

The panelists for this discussion include Jim Hawkins, CEO of Kenall Manufacturing, Jim Leef, President of ITU AbsorbTech, John W. Mellowes, CEO of Charter Manufacturing Company, Inc. and David Werner, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Director of Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division (IATD) – 3M. The panel will be moderated by Joseph Weitzer, Ph.D., Dean for Center of Business Performance Solutions of Waukesha County Technical College.

The summit will conclude with attendees having the opportunity to select and participate in four out of 15+ roundtable discussions covering leadership, business culture, and innovation.

Davis & Kuelthau will offer the following roundtable discussions during the summit:

Maintaining Your Workforce – Employment Law Update, Laurie E. Meyer, Davis & Kuelthau, Labor & Employment Attorney Whether starting a business or improving the practices of your long-time company, you have an opportunity to add value to your business by restricting certain employees from joining a competitor and/or sharing your proprietary knowledge. In recent months, several court decisions have tightened the reins on what provisions are enforceable within non-compete agreements. If you have not audited your non-compete agreements as of late, now is the time to do so. Laurie Meyer provided insights on how to protect your company’s interests through restrictive covenants.

Secure Your Secrets, Button Up Your Brands, and Patent to Protect Your Profits, James E. Lowe, Jr., Davis & Kuelthau, Intellectual Property Attorney Your secrets are your business knowledge, your way of doing it the right way. Know your rights when it comes to how to protect those secrets. Your brand is the trademark you use with your goods or services to identify you as its source. Understand how registering your trademarks gives you the ability to protect your goodwill. And when you develop new methods, processes and products you invest money in research and development. The patent system lets you prevent others from making, using or selling those new and unobvious methods, processes and products for a limited time so you can recoup those expenses. Learn what can be patented and how to do it.

Considerations in Business Transition Planning, Karin Gale of Schenck, S.C. and Ann M. Rieger, of Davis & Kuelthau, s.c. will provide the latest insights as you consider various options for transitioning your business. This will include discussion regarding succession planning for family held businesses, the use of management buyouts, the use of ESOPs, and considerations related to third party sale options including sales to private equity firms, competitors or individual investors.

This event will be held in conjunction with the Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show and will take place at the Wisconsin Exposition Center at State Fair Park on 8200 W Greenfield Avenue in West Allis on Wednesday, October 4, from 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

For more information, please visit the BizTimes Website.