Onsite Training for HR Professionals

Employment law training prevents problems. It gives an employer a consistent, accurate and effective approach to critical employment law issues.

Davis|Kuelthau’s on-site training programs provide the information and insight needed to help your staff and your organization face the challenges of employment law. The programs demystify employment laws and regulations, and translate them to specific on-the-job “do’s and don’ts” that help minimize employment problems.

In the event an employer does have to face an employee at opposite ends of the legal process, information learned through the training program can help effectively defend such claims.


Specialized training programs are offered in the following areas:

  • Lawful and Effective Discipline and Discharge
  • Discrimination Laws: What Supervisors and Managers Need to Know
  • Sex, Lies and Work: A Touchy Dilemma – A Study of Sexual Harassment
  • Substance Abuse in the Workplace: Guidelines for Supervisors and Managers
  • Americans With Disabilities Act
  • Understanding New Issues in Employment Law
  • Employee Handbooks: Design, Preparation and Update
  • Contract Administration and Grievance Handling: Take Charge
  • Personnel Records and Files: Issues of Content, Maintenance, Retention and Access

Specialized Programs

Davis|Kuelthau can also help you design a program tailored to your organization’s unique needs as well as a follow-through plan to maximize long-term effectiveness.


These programs are prepared and presented by the firm’s labor and employment attorneys, whose knowledge and extensive experience in training and development help make the issues understandable, interesting and practical. They understand your goals and objectives as well as the situations and issues your supervisors face. They act as facilitators, offering a “hands-on” learning experience.


Davis|Kuelthau training programs provide many benefits:

  • Program content and format can be customized to your organization.
  • The program is conducted at times and places convenient to you.
  • By scheduling training on-site, you can train many employees and/or supervisors at reduced costs compared to individual off-site training.
  • The programs are high quality.
  • The programs provide practical tools to deal with “real” problems.
  • A common exposure to program concepts and skills motivates your staff to apply the concepts in a uniform manner.
  • Participants working together to apply program content create better communication and team work among departments and management levels.
  • Program discussions lead to more uniform management practice and policy application.

If you would like more information regarding our onsite training programs, please contact your Davis|Kuelthau attorney, or James M. Kalny, Chair of the Labor & Employment Team Chair at jkalny@dkattorneys.com or 920.431.2223.