Employment Litigation

The Employment Litigation Practice Team works hand in hand with members of the Labor & Employment Practice Team, to provide seamless service for clients with employment disputes. The team has a unique combination of skills—a thorough understanding of employment law and extensive experience in front of arbitrators, judges, juries, and administrative agencies. Our team proactively assists clients, if litigation is anticipated, in settling a dispute or seeing a case through hearing or trial. This tandem teamwork ensures that we provide efficient and integrated service to clients in all facets of labor and employment law.

  • Employment discrimination claims
  • Employment contract claims
  • Non-compete agreement and proprietary information litigation
  • Employee privacy issues/claims
  • Discipline and discharge issues
  • FMLA, OSHA, wage and hour issues
  • ERISA, COBRA, worker’s compensation, and unemployment compensation litigation
  • Labor disputes involving NLRB, WERC or state labor laws
  • Onsite Training for HR Professionals

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