Telecommunications / Public Utilities

The Davis|Kuelthau Telecommunication Practice Team’s experience extends to all aspects of our clients’ ongoing business and new ventures, including technology, e-commerce, real estate, litigation and dispute resolution, regulatory, and general corporate matters.

We represent carriers, tower owners, management firms, and telecom construction companies in matters related to their network deployments and expansion. In addition, we work closely with local governments on behalf of our carrier clients in developing new tower ordinances, and consistently enforce our clients’ rights under the Telecommunications Act of 1996. We understand the many dynamics that arise in the telecommunications and energy industries and have successfully represented companies in all phases of their business.

With our experience in various legal disciplines, we advise national wireless companies throughout various stages of the municipal approval process for proposed towers, from the initial review by a municipality for a new tower to appearing for changes or expansions to an existing tower. Our experience includes the successful representation of telecommunications clients through all phases of trial and appellate proceedings before state and federal courts, as well as administrative proceedings before the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.

Our team is further supported by attorneys with expertise in environmental law, wireless leasing, and land use law. We are experienced in the area of site acquisition, including the due diligence process, and drafting and negotiating wireless leases. Additionally, we have drafted transmission line agreements, easements, and utility collocation agreements for electrical transmission companies.

We remain committed to educating our clients regarding the ever-changing telecommunications world and regularly author articles and present at conferences on relevant industry topics. Importantly, our attorneys work closely with telecommunications clients to provide comprehensive legal solutions.