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Property Contamination Issues

Environmental hazards on your property are not always as obvious as a posted toxic-hazard sign. Davis|Kuelthau attorneys, Ted Warpinski and Andrew Skwierawski, offer this program to bankers, brokers and developers to provide an introduction to environmental contamination issues that can come up during the buying, selling, leasing or financing of property. The intent is to advise attendees of where they can look to get some site information, what sort of information they can look and some idea of what it all means. Attendees would learn how to access the DNR’s GIS and BRRTS databases. BRRTS stands for Bureau of Remediation and Redevelopment Tracking System. The presenters will discuss what types of sites they might come across, what the typical sorts of contaminants of concern are, and the different types of site closures that may be available. A big issue today involves the nature of “continuing obligations” that can arise at the time of closure. They will also address the issue of offsite contamination and liability exemptions that might be available.

This seminar can be hosted at your office location or at D|K’s offices. Please contact Ted Warpinski at 920.431.2236 / to schedule your complimentary program session.

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