Trusts Estates and Succession Planning

Is Your Estate Plan Jeopardizing your S-Corporation?

Many of us are familiar with the basic S-corporation mantra – avoid the so-called double taxation of regular C-corporations, all while maintaining the limited liability and practical advantages of a corporation. While many business owners engage in detailed planning to ensure compliance with Subchapter S of the Internal Revenue Code in order to...

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IRS Form 1023-EZ: Nonprofits Rejoice – but is the Potential for Fraud Real?

On July 1, 2014, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released Form 1023-EZ, a streamlined alternative to the venerable IRS standard-bearer in the world of nonprofits – Form 1023 Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3). The original Form 1023, weighing in at a robust 26 pages (including 7 schedules), can be burdensome,...

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit Extended; IRS Issues Guidance on Certification for 2014 Tax Year.

Year-End Strategies Pave the Way for Minimizing Your Tax Burden in 2015

By Mark G. Kmiecik The final months of 2014 are a great time to finalize your tax planning opportunities and set the stage for minimizing your tax outlay in 2015. As a business owner, please be aware that in the wake of the election, sources indicate tax extenders are likely to pass, with some differences between the two houses in Congress being...

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Wisconsin’s New Trust Code: Ten Important Aspects Impacting Estate Plans

By Mark G. Kmiecik & Charles G. Maris On July 1, 2014, Wisconsin’s New Trust Code (“WTC”) takes effect making Wisconsin the 29th jurisdiction to adopt a version of the Uniform Trust Code (“UTC”). The UTC grew out of the realization that modern era trust business is now globalized like the economy, and that a uniformity of trust laws is...

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Are You Protecting Your Digital Assets?

Now more than ever, the Internet is a repository for information from all aspects of our lives – everything from essential financial and email accounts to social networks and your family photo albums. As more and more people transition their financial lives from the file cabinet to the cloud, what should you be doing to ensure that your digital...

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