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Beware of Annual Meeting Minutes Scam

Wisconsin businesses are currently being targeted by a scam from a company called Corporate Records Service, which requests business owners to fill out an Annual Minutes Form and pay a $125.00 fee to a Madison mailbox using an enclosed envelope. The State of Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (“DFI”) has issued a press release warning business owners of the scam and affirming that businesses are not required by the DFI or any other state agency to complete the form or pay the requested fee.

The form cites Wisconsin statutes and has an official appearance, with a header that states “2013 – Annual Minutes Form.” The form requests information that may be confidential regarding the business’s shareholders, directors and officers. A copy of the form used in the scam may be found here. Corporate Records Service may have also engaged in similar activities in recent weeks in Illinois, Indiana, Maine, New York, Tennessee, and Georgia.

If you receive such a request from Corporate Records Service you should contact the DFI at (608) 266-1622 and call your Davis & Kuelthau, s.c. attorney.