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Davis & Kuelthau Infrastructure Stimulus Team

Davis & Kuelthau, s.c. has formed a team of attorneys to assist public sector and private sector clients with the Federal infrastructure stimulus program known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill of 2009 (H.R. 1) that the House of Representatives passed on January 28, 2009. The Governor also recently created the Office of Recovery and Reinvestment designed to direct Stimulus Bill funds to state projects.

The $550 billion of targeted spending currently proposed in the Stimulus Bill will have a considerable impact on municipalities, school districts, contractors, and suppliers in the State of Wisconsin. The rapid deployment of these funds and the “shovel ready” requirement of the projects will require many hours of manpower to comply with the sheer volume of projects that will be funded. A sample of the project proposals include:

Clean, Efficient, American Energy

  • $32 billion to transform the nation’s energy transmission, distribution, and production systems
  • $16 billion to repair public housing and make key energy efficient retrofits

Transform our Economy with Science and Technology

  • $10 billion for science facilities, research, and instrumentation

Modernize Roads, Bridges, Transit and Waterways

  • $30 billion for highway construction.
  • $31 billion to modernize federal and other public infrastructure
  • $19 billion for clean water, flood control, environmental restoration investments
  • $10 billion for transit and rail projects

Education for the 21st Century

  • $41 billion to local school districts which will include a $14 billion school modernization and repair program.

Creating Small Business Opportunity

  • $430 million for new direct lending and loan guarantee authorities for small business
  • $100 million for rural business grants and loan to guarantee $2 billion in loans for for rural businesses
  • $250 million to address long-term economic development in urban industrial cores and rural areas

Together with Governor Doyle’s requests for funds from the Stimulus Bill, the magnitude and array of projects that will be receiving funding will greatly affect many people in the State of Wisconsin. Our Davis & Kuelthau Infrastructure Stimulus Team is ready to provide the following services:

Municipalities and School Districts

  • Assist in evaluating projects eligible for Stimulus Bill funding
  • Assist in evaluating federal and state competitive bidding regulations, pre-qualifications of contractors, and the competitive process
  • Assist in the drafting and negotiating of contracts with successful contract and supply bidders
  • Assist in right-of-way acquisitions and other real estate issues

Contractors and Suppliers

  • Assist in the determination of the Stimulus Bill projects and whether or not they will be bid out in completive bidding, if there will be changes in pre-qualification requirements, or whether there will be an expedited fast-track system.
  • Assist in the drafting and negotiation of contracts with owners
  • Assist in evaluating any conventional financing that may be required for internal funding during the project

Financial Institutions

  • Assist in Small Business Administration (“SBA”) 7(a) business loan program regulations, underwriting, and documentation.
  • Assist in conventional financing of contractors and others involved in the Stimulus Bill projects.