Roundtable Discussion: Managing Your Workforce Through Reentry and Beyond


Association of Corporate Counsel Wisconsin and Davis|Kuelthau collaborated on a Roundtable Discussion: Managing Your Workforce Through Reentry and Beyond on Thursday, May 14th.  Davis|Kuelthau attorneys, Laurie E. Meyer, employment law and litigation, and Larry J. Glusman, commercial finance, along with fellow Association of Corporate Counsel Wisconsin members presented an exclusive roundtable addressing the breadth of challenges facing you and your company as you prepare to return your employees to work.  Topics included:

  1. What factors do I need to consider to avoid discrimination claims as employees return to the workforce – particularly if I’m returning employees in phases or laying others off?
  2. Do I need to accommodate employees who prefer to continue working from home?
  3. What policies and procedures should I have in place moving forward?
  4. What details are recommended for communicating changes in policies to employees?
  5. What questions can/should I ask of my employees regarding their health and social distancing efforts?
  6. Should I check my employees’ temperatures?
  7. What mental health issues might we face, and what’s required of us to address them?
  8. Will I face liability for my facility’s hygiene?
  9. What accommodations do I need to make if an employee or family member is exposed to COVID-19?
  10. My company accepted a PPP loan, what considerations do I need to factor with my workforce in order to maximize qualification for loan forgiveness?

If you have any questions about the topics, please contact our presenters:

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