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Additional Changes to A201 | 2017 AIA Document Series – Revisions to the Core Contract Documents (Part 6)

By James E. Braza Part 6: Miscellaneous Additional Changes to A201. As final article of the series, Part 6 covers certain miscellaneous, but nonetheless, important changes in the A201 document which did not fit in the categories covered in Parts 1-5. Contractor’s Construction Schedule. The revised Section 3.10.1 significantly expands upon the Contractor’s duty to...

Trending News: 2017 AIA Construction Contract Series

Recently, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) issued its once-every-ten-year revisions to some of the most commonly used documents in construction contracting, including the A101, B101 and A201 documents. The revisions are significant, and will impact all players in the industry, including owners, contractors and architects. Many revisions constitute notable improvements to these time-tested contract...