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IRS Provides Tax Inflation Adjustments for Tax Year 2022

While Congress is busy debating changes to federal tax law, the IRS continues to operate on the basis of existing provisions.  Over the last week, a number of updates have been issued by the IRS regarding inflation adjustments.  Below is a summary of the recent announcements for calendar year 2022.

When Congress Says, “Never Mind”, Does It Mean It? The latest news regarding changes to the Gift and Estate Tax Laws.

For nearly a year, various proposals and so-called “frameworks” have been debated in Congress regarding changes to the federal estate and gift tax laws.  Nearly all would have (i) reduced the amount that individuals could gift during lifetime or bequeath at death before application of federal transfer taxes, (ii) eliminated the so-called “step up” in...

How Might Joe Biden’s Tax Proposals Affect You?

On April 28, 2021, President Joe Biden presented his proposed “American Families Plan” in an address to the nation. The address set forth hoped-for “once in a generation” investments focused on benefits to American families. These investments included expanded government-funded education, increases in various child and earned income credits, paid leave proposals, and reformation of...

Family Business Succession Planning in the Era of Tax Uncertainty: Use Available Tax Advantages or Perhaps Lose Them

With the Presidential and Congressional elections less than two weeks away, there has been much speculation regarding potential tax law changes that may follow. While pundits assume these “proposals” are clearly defined, many details necessary to enable careful tax planning are missing. This briefing will review the high-level concepts being discussed but makes no promises...