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Joseph S. Heino Publications

New Top Level Domains Will Increase Risk of Online Trademark Infringement

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”), the organization responsible for overseeing the world's domain name system, recently made hundreds of new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) available for registration, a significant expansion of available Internet addresses and an increased risk of online trademark infringement. Companies should follow developments in the gTLD rollout...

Choosing a Strong Trademark

One of the most common mistakes brand owners make when they have an idea for a name that they want to "trademark" is that the trademark of choice is merely descriptive of the goods or services that the brand owner wants to identify with the trademark. Descriptive marks to help consumers to identify their products...

News from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (the “PTO”)

It's that time of year again - PTO Set to Increase Fees In addition to the comprehensive Patent Reform Act which is winding its way through Congress, Rep. John Conyers (D – Mich) and Rep. Lamar Smith (R – Tex) recently introduced the "Patent and Trademark Office Funding Stabilization Act of 2010" (the "Stabilization Act")....

District Court Awards $180 Per Falsely Marked Item

In our recently issued Client Alert regarding the rash of False Marking lawsuits, we advised that the Federal Circuit had reinterpreted the False Marking statute in the Forest Group v. Bon Tool case to permit damages on a "per article" basis.