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Arbitrators’ Awards Arrive

Interest arbitrators' awards covering public safety employees have started to trickle in to the WERC. Public employers have struggled to balance the "two class" system of general and public safety employees that was the by-product of Acts 10 and 32. Many public employers seek to provide the same benefits to all employees.

Is Your Harassment Investigation…Harassing?

When conducting an internal investigation of a harassment complaint, employers typically instruct interviewees that they must keep the information discussed during the interview confidential so the employer can carry out a fair and accurate investigation.

Intro to Private Equity-Venture Investors Equity Dilution Issues (Part One)

When a private equity, venture capital or other venture investor firm is considering an investment in a target company, the venture firm will consider whether a one time capital infusion will be sufficient for the venture firm to achieve its return on investment goals. For example, a target company may only require a one-time investment...