Webinar | Are You Ready for the 2017 H-1B Season? Current Issues and Trends in Preparation for the April 1st Filing Deadline!

The H-1B visa is the obvious choice for many employers looking to hire foreign workers. However, in practice this visa category can be full of surprises for businesses and workers. Davis & Kuelthau Immigration and Employee Benefits attorney, Hugo Rojas explored the current parameters of the H-1B category, including:

  • What is the H-1B cap and who is subject to it?
  • What is a Specialty Occupation?
  • Which businesses can take advantage of this program?
  • What about dependents and work authorization?
  • What does a typical timeline look like?

Who should attend? This webinar is designed for business executives, human resources professionals, in-house counsel and other executives involved in workforce decisions.

Click here to download a complimentary copy of the program materials. View our complimentary webinar replay here.