Ensuring equal opportunity and inclusion throughout the firm through diversity and gender initiatives is very important. We recognize and value the benefits of an experienced pool of professionals reflective of the national and international marketplace in which we do business. By bringing together a diverse workforce, staff who support our clients’ legal needs are able to draw upon broader and more diverse perspectives, knowledge and experiences, and ultimately contribute to our clients’ success.

The Firm’s diversity commitment involves attracting, retaining and promoting a professional workforce of individuals of exceptional ability from across racial, gender, ethnic, national origin, sexual orientation, disability and religious lines. A diverse work environment benefits the professional growth of all employees and is essential to the overall success of Davis|Kuelthau and its clients.

We believe diversity is a way of thought and action. It is the belief in fairness and opportunities for all individuals. At Davis|Kuelthau, s.c., we recognize every member of our team as an individual with unique backgrounds and experiences. We embrace the multitude of ideas and beliefs that allow us to be a successful organization.