Pro Bono

The legal community has a unique responsibility to ensure that all citizens have access to legal representation so that justice is available to all persons, regardless of income. We are dedicated to assisting those who otherwise would not be able to afford counsel, especially men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country. Our attorneys volunteer their time in a wide variety of pro bono initiatives.

Pro Bono Representation of Military Personnel

We are actively working with Wisconsin area military installations to provide legal assistance to military personnel in substantive areas where government-provided assistance is unavailable, such as:

  • Complex estate and succession planning issues
  • Complex corporate law and business planning matters
  • Veterans administration issues, to include claims for medical and disability benefits
  • Pre- and post-mobilization civilian employment issues
  • Civil litigation matters

We also work with Marquette University Law School Mediation Program to mediate disputes in Milwaukee Small Claims Court.

If you would like more information regarding our pro bono initiatives, please contact Dillon Ambrose at 414.225.1410 or